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At DIFRA, they design and manufacture equipment across the whole vestibule field. Our products goes from small devices for private use to full system for clinical use and also for research. With more than 40 years of experience, DIFRA is now one of the world leader in diagnostic balance disorders.

Product Line

DIFRA is the only manufacturer that can provide you the full range of diagnostic devices for balance testing, rehabilitation and auditory evoked potential. Starting with simple VNG system up to VNG with torsional eye detection, every user can configure his system.

User Focused

Flexibleeasy to use, and user friendlyintuitive interface: you will see these in every manufacturer’s brochure. But how do you take all the variations in signal delivery, processing, management and boil them down to something that can be used in a working environment ?

DIFRA, we keep in constant touch with those who use our equipment and we design for real users. There is an extensive setup system behind all our equipment. This enables the local distributor to adapt it exactly to your needs. When your equipment arrives, it functions the way you wanted. After that, there is usually no reason to modify the setup, so it is concealed behind an icon on the toolbar. However, it is always there, one click away, if you need to make changes