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Professional Services

In order to deliver highly accurate calibration services, we practice immensely meticulous procedures throughout the process and utilize renowned and high quality tools & instruments including:

  • Bruel&Kjaer Type 2250-B, Hand held Analyzer with Sound Level Meter and Frequency Analysis Type 1 (Conform to ANSI S1.4-1983 & IEC 60651-1979 Standards) (Conform to ANSI S1.11 & IEC R225/IEC 61260 (1995) Standards)
  • Bruel&Kjaer Type 4152, Artificial Ear
  • Bruel&Kjaer Type 4930, Artificial Mastoid (Conform to ANSI S3.26-1981 & IECR-373, BS 4009 (1975)
  • Bruel&Kjaer Type 4144, 1” Pressure field microphone, 3 Hz to 10 Hz, 200V polarization
  • Bruel&Kjaer Type 4157, Ear Simulator
  • Bruel&Kjaer Type 4231, Sound Level Calibrator
  • Digital Manometer
  • Agilent Oscilloscope
  • Electrical Safety Analyzer, Model: Fluke ESA 620

Global Precision Sales & Services Sdn. Bhd. (GPSB) is a mature, well-established and financially stable organization which has extensive experience in providing quality pre-and post-sales services and support to more than 60 government and private hospitals and medical centres throughout the nation.This service is to serve as an alternative to all government medical institutions including government hospitals and private medical centres in hope to ease the procurement process where applicable, while producing further enhancement and benefits to the Rakyat directly. Key Benefit

  1. Achieve faster turnaround time especially for disposable medical supplies;
  2. Having the capability to procure and provision adequate audiological devices and equipment to enhance the overall services performance;
  3. Obtain best pricing offerings with much better payment terms;
  4. Provide flexibilities within respective medical institutions’ budget;
  5. Turn procurement of audiological devices and equipment from CAPEX into OPEX;
  6. Indirect incremental of working and operation capital;
  7. GPSB to provide a full-fledge managed service from procuring the supplies, manage logistical delivery matters to financing assistance and after sales and support services where applicable;
  8. GPSB can be a one-stop managed service provider which equips with all required expertise, legitimate requirements and certifications, while being able to communicate with the relevant departments with the right language;
  9. One fixed monthly payment covers both the new equipment and all necessary maintenance and services on the term and conditions set forth;


Key Benefits

1- Pre-determined rental term

2- RM 1.00 buyout at end of term

3- Provides a budget friendly way to acquire equipment

4- Simple documentation

5- Utilizes customer’s capital budget

6- Provides customer with low monthly payments


The customer commits to a fixed term of rental payments. At the end of the lease term, the customer owns the equipment with a RM1.00 buyout. There is no option to return this equipment. Rather, the purpose of this program is simply to finance the equipment over a specified term when cash is not available for immediate purchase. Completing a capital lease through Global Precision is simply a matter of signing a proposal document and issuing a purchase order. Both the signed document and PO are then sent directly to Global Precision. This program is also known as Rent to Own or RM1.00 Buyout Lease.

*All options are completely customizable

Global Precision provide a variety of medical equipment rental solutions for your peak-need, short-term or long-term needs. All medical devices arrive at the hospital patient-ready and factory tested by certified technicians. Call our experienced customer service representatives for assistance or request a quote today.

GPSB Silent Booth is recommended for hearing screening in audiology centres and shops for those who have limited space available and need a very small soundproof booth. These booths can be also used in temporary situations for occupational medicine, in companies and schools. Basic noise reduction booth, ideal for a quiet environment. Our Audiometric booth is approved and registered with DOSH.

Unique, Proven Design

Unitized all-welded construction ensures reliable acoustic performance and dependable noise reduction.


Comfortable and efficient, we offers ample interior space, yet is compact enough to readily pass through a standard door opening.

Easy, Comfortable Access

Our large side entry door allows ease of access to persons of all ages. Our Audiometric Booth interior is spacious enough to accommodate a mother and child or those who would have difficulty entering and sitting in most mini booths.

Outstanding Performance

The Audiometric Booth has been specially engineered with features that maximize performance; double acoustic window, continuous magnetic seal on the access door, and silenced ventilation.

  • Specifications
    a) Dimension: 920mm(W) x 1020mm(D) x 2030mm (H)
    b) External surface: Formica finishing with aluminium channel for edge
    c) Internal Surface: Perforated board with Matt White finishing
    d) Wall Assemblies: All sides wall assemblies are double with insulation
    e) Lighting: 8W T5 Low Temp White Lighting
    f) Floor surface: Carpeted
    g) Fixed seat: PU cushion with backrest for patient
    h) Window: Double-glazed clear glass with air gap for maximum attenuation
    i) Shelving: Double foldable shelving for easy maintenance
    j) Communication panel: Customised acrylic facet with five mono
    sockets on both end
    k) Switch & socket: Double power socket for audiometer & printer,
    switch for easy control of light
    l) Ventilation system: Air intake from top and output at the exterior side
    m) Wheels: 4pcs Strong Castor with 2pcs lockable for easy move ever and
    n) Cabin Door: Butterfly rubber seal is used to give maximum attenuation